Wire management tools
Wire management wiring tools.

Wire management wiring tools.

In order to do quality professional wire management installations and maintenance, the proper hand tools should be utilized when doing the required jobs.  Here is listing a few commonly used hand tools which the electrician or technician could use.

Data and wire management tools for installing connectors and terminals to wire and cables.
Wire Management Hand Tools

Wire Management Hand Tools

BNC/RCA/F connectors hand tool (SKU: G548G201)BNC/RCA/F connectors hand tool (SKU: G548G201)Durable high quality bnc, rca and F type crimper is usef for installing coaxial cable connectors.
Cable cutter for up to 750 MCM (SKU: GCT-545B)Cable cutter for up to 750 MCM (SKU: GCT-545B)Ratchet type cable cutter used for cutting Cu/Al cables up to sizes of 750 MCM.
Made of high quality carbon steel.
Cable tie Tool (SKU: GT-218)Cable tie Tool (SKU: GT-218)
Coax cable cutter for RG59,RG6 (SKU: GT-A184)Coax cable cutter for RG59,RG6 (SKU: GT-A184)
Coax cable stripper,2 blade type (SKU: GT-332)Coax cable stripper,2 blade type (SKU: GT-332)
2 blade type coaxial cable insulation stripping tool.
Heavy Duty Cable tie Installation Tool (SKU: GT-2081)Heavy Duty Cable tie Installation Tool (SKU: GT-2081)
Heavy Duty Cable Tie Tensioning Tool and Cutter (SKU: GB-300)Heavy Duty Cable Tie Tensioning Tool and Cutter (SKU: GB-300)
Plastic wrapped handles
Cable tie tool for zip ties
with thickness to 2.3 mm
and width to 9 mm.
LAN/USB   Cable Tester (SKU: GCF-168)LAN/USB Cable Tester (SKU: GCF-168)
Modular Crimper 3 in 1 (SKU: GT-N5684R)Modular Crimper 3 in 1 (SKU: GT-N5684R)
Network cable tester (SKU: GCF-568)Network cable tester (SKU: GCF-568)
Professional all in 1 modular crimping tool (SKU: GT-2008AR)Professional all in 1 modular crimping tool (SKU: GT-2008AR)
Ratchet cable cutter for up to 350 MCM (SKU: GCT-535B)Ratchet cable cutter for up to 350 MCM (SKU: GCT-535B)
Cuts up to 350 mcm copper, 500 mcm aluminum power cables.
Maximum capacity is 1-3/16 inch (32mm) diameter or 200 pair communications cable.
Ratchet Crimper (SKU: GT-236H)Ratchet Crimper (SKU: GT-236H)
Stainless steel cable tie install tool (SKU: GTT-250)Stainless steel cable tie install tool (SKU: GTT-250)
Stainless steel cable tie tool for quality installs. 
Universal Coax Cable Stripping Tool (SKU: GT-352B)Universal Coax Cable Stripping Tool (SKU: GT-352B)
Used for CATV cable jacket stripping and flat telephone cable.
Wire stripper (SKU: GT-5021)Wire stripper (SKU: GT-5021)
Wire stripper and cutter. (SKU: GT-5021R)Wire stripper and cutter. (SKU: GT-5021R)
Wire strippers,stainless steel construction (SKU: GT-5021S)Wire strippers,stainless steel construction (SKU: GT-5021S)
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